High Speed Blister & Clamshell Packaginghigh-speed-blister2

Blister and Clamshell assemblies are packaging options that use solid transparencies to cover the outer surface of a product. They further contour to the product’s shape, preventing damage that may occur to a product during shipping or display. Clamshell packaging completely encases your product, for a more secure, sealed off, visual display.

Blister packaging differs in that the product is placed into a plastic covering, and then adhered to a cardstock backing, which still allows a very visual display. Both blister and clamshell packaging techniques at Versatile Packagers are designed with our customers in mind, to provide them with cost-effective and timely packaging services.

Why choose blister and clamshell packaging? Blister and clamshell packaging prevents damage and tampering. Both packaging techniques allow a great presentation of your product due to the clear transparency surrounding your product. The protective covering serves as a temporary containment up until your product has reached your customer’s home. At Versatile Packagers we offer numerous packaging options from which to choose. Rest assured, knowing that your items or products are secured with the most appropriate type of clamshell or blister packaging materials.

What types of products are typically blister or clamshell packaged? Versatile Packagers clamshell packaging services are rarely limited, but are most often used for smaller consumer products. Examples of products are consumer electronics, tools, different types of foods, small yet heavy weight items, sharp objects and more. Batteries, toothbrushes, medicines, small liquid bottles, and light bulbs are all examples of products that use blister packaging as an alternative, for easier customer access. If you are curious about what packaging option is best for your product, please contact a professional at Versatile Packagers today!

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