High Speed Overwrapping/Fin Sealing (HFFS – Horizontal Form Fill and Seal)


Overwrapping is a popular packaging process that encloses a single product or multiple products with a protective layer. Depending on what your specific needs are, this packaging option can be clear, opaque or full color printed.

Overwrapping offers a more cost-effective means of packaging. It’s a great way to condense small prepackaged items such as candy, loose individual items such as playing cards, or magazines for mailing. With a variety of aesthetic options to choose from, including clear and semi-transparent options, your product can be protected yet easily seen by your customers.

Versatile Packagers can overwrap a broad variety of products. Common examples of products that use our overwrapping packaging services are playing cards, small boxes, food items, CDs/DVDs, and loose print collateral such as coupons or flyers. Overwrapping can be sealed with or without a hand hole at the top of package which will allow for displaying on peg hooks, clip strips, or other various hanging options. If you are curious about whether or not your product can be overwrapped, please contact Versatile Packagers today to discuss your packaging needs.

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