High Speed Shrink Wrapping

Shrink wrapping is the process of wrapping a product with a clear polymer plastic film. Most commonly used as an overwrap, shrink wrap can cover many types of packaging such as boxes, cans, bottles, cartons and pallet loads. Through the shrink wrap packaging process, low-level heat is applied to the polymer plastic film, causing it to shrink tightly over the product. Shrink wrap is a great option for protecting your product and also offers a cost effective solution for turning individual products into combo or bonus packs.

Why choose shrink wrapping? Many product manufacturers choose shrink wrapping because it is perfect for protecting and covering products throughout storage and/or shipping processes. The protective covering serves as a temporary containment, and at Versatile Packagers we offer numerous types of films.

What types of products can be shrink wrapped? At Versatile Packagers, our shrink wrap application services are rarely limited, and can be used to tightly cover and protect items of all different shapes and sizes. Gift sets, two pack wine sets or variety packs, DVD’s, printed materials and calendars just to mention a few. Whether you need to protect a consumer product for shipping or just the raw materials for warehousing, our team of professionals can accommodate you. If you are curious about whether or not your product can be shrink wrapped, please contact Versatile Packagers today to discuss your packaging needs!

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