Versatile Packagers Demonstrates Holiday Spirit Year Round

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Tampa, FL – (March 26, 2012) Florida-based contract packaging company, Versatile Packagers, is celebrating the holidays year round, with a variety of holiday-specific packaging solutions including hand assembly, blister packaging, POP displays, form fill and seal blisters, poly bagging, overwrapping, warehousing, and more.


“Just about any holiday comes with a surplus of marketing from a retail perspective. Whether it’s an Easter basket, 4th of July POP display (point of purchase), gift basket or even a limited time combination pack of holiday candies, each requires specific packaging solutions offered by Versatile Packagers,” states Rick Shave, CEO, Versatile Packagers. “We stay busy all year round due to retailer demand of limited time and seasonal products.”


Outsourcing holiday fulfillment activities to Versatile Packagers not only reduces the costs associated with inventory movement and storage, but also decreases the amount of time it takes for the product to reach the shelf. Through Versatile Packagers’ many vendor relationships, numerous providers are brought together at competitive rates to create and assemble holiday-specific products.


Shave explains, “With Easter right around the corner, for example, a company may want to assemble an Easter Basket to sell in select retail locations. This could require securing the basket itself, artificial grass filling, plastic eggs, candies from numerous confectionary companies, small toys, and some type of gift messaging. Then, it all needs to be assembled, overwrapped, warehoused and eventually sent to the shelf. At Versatile, we take our clients from A to Z, saving them time and money.”


Due to Versatile Packagers’ permits to conduct food, beverage, tobacco and alcohol packaging services, the Company can work with almost any type of manufacturer, distributor or retailer. For more information on Versatile Packagers and holiday packaging services, call 1.800.258.8308 or visit the Company’s Web site at


About Versatile Packagers:

Since 1991, Versatile Packagers has provided a wide array of unsurpassed contract packaging solutions. Versatile Packagers also utilizes its warehouse space for product storage, fulfillment and distribution. With their state of the art warehouse management and order processing system, they enable their customers to manage their inventory effectively and efficiently.