Versatile Packagers Demonstrates Industry Leadership Through Packaging Sustainability Efforts

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Tampa, FL – (February 1, 2012) Florida-based contract packaging company, Versatile Packagers, is demonstrating industry leadership through packaging sustainability efforts.  The company has introduced trapped blister packaging solutions to its clients with the addition of a new machine.


“As an industry that utilizes several machines and materials on any given day, it’s important that we all make efforts as a whole to ensure the long-term maintenance of environmental responsibility and conservative resource use,” said Bob Vande Weghe, President, Versatile Packagers.


With the addition of a new machine to its 150,000 square foot facility, Versatile Packagers can now offer its clients trapped blister packaging solutions, a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional clam shell packaging, which is an all-plastic packaging solution. All-plastic clam shell packaging is typically hard to open, and gives the product security, in addition to ample clear surface space to market the product. Alternatively, trapped blister packaging now offers all of the same benefits, but includes recycled materials and less plastic.


Rick Shave, CEO, Versatile Packagers, states, “While some clients may be hesitant to invest in this new type of packaging, trapped blister packaging actually offers many if not more value chain benefits including high visibility, strong shelf impact and tamper resistance. It can be printed on both sides, thermoformed to the shape of the product, die cut, and contract packaged.”


With a blister card backing the product, instead of an all-plastic packaging, the trapped blister packaging method decreases the company’s consumption of plastic. In addition to environmental benefits, the blister card backing also allows companies to better market to their consumers, by permitting printing on both sides of the package.  Because of trapped blister packaging machine efficiency, the new packaging solution requires less time to be completed. Clients also save money on trapped blister packaging, when compared to clam shell packaging.


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