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Tampa, FL – (November 28, 2011) Florida-based contract packaging company, Versatile Packagers, has added a clean room to their 150,000 square foot facility in Tampa, Florida.


Tailored to customers’ preferences or specific projects, clean rooms are utilized for packaging when all production and processes require a high level of product safety and quality. Clean rooms offer contamination control and protection against external influences following production. The finished products retain the purity in which the client has invested, right up until they are in the hands of the customer.


Built to have a controlled environment on site for handling food related products, the clean room at Versatile Packagers, along with the company’s food permit from the department of agriculture, now enables Versatile Packagers to process dry foods in the new space.


The company is looking into utilizing the space to provide nutraceutical packaging as well and can currently provide customers with clean room blister packaging, shrink wrapping, fin sealing, and poly bagging.


Rick Shave, CEO, Versatile Packagers, states, “The walls and ceilings of our clean room are washable, and it has been built away from all high traffic areas. Products are fully packaged in this environment before being taken out into the warehouse.”


Since 1991, Versatile Packagers has provided a wide array of unsurpassed contract packaging solutions. Versatile Packagers also utilizes its warehouse space for product storage, fulfillment and distribution. With their state of the art warehouse management and order processing system, they enable their customers to manage their inventory effectively and efficiently.


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