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You won’t meet nicer, more engaging people than Rick Shave and Bob Vande Weghe, nor any to match their capability in the contract packaging industry.

And now, we’re even more capable.

Versatile has joined a family of contract packaging companies. For years, customers have relied upon us to be agile and versatile as their preferred contract packaging partner. Our commitment hasn’t changed, but our scope has. Now that we’ve joined the South Atlantic and ProStar family of contract packaging companies, we’ll have a solid foundation for expanding our capabilities to better support our strategic-level customers, nationwide.

Rick Shave, Executive Director and Bob Vande Weghe, Executive Director
The smiles are genuine and so is the attitude: They’re “can-do” guys.

In contract packaging, every day is different. Every job is unique. And that’s why we believe customization is key. We’ll use our experience and know-how to create a plan that will match and exceed safety standards, meet deadlines and save money. It’s our job to understand your job. We can scale up our workforce in a day’s notice, so when our clients call to say they need 5,000 kits created by Monday, our answer is, “Let’s get started.”

Manufacturing problems are no problem here. If you’re looking for a contract packaging company that can handle requests from a simple wrap to a sophisticated supply chain project using cutting edge tracking software, we’d love to talk to you. Do you have a project that needs expert care? Contact us today at bob@packvp.com or rick@packvp.com.

What we offer (that makes us a great partner for manufacturers)


Expertise in Contract Packaging

Versatile Packagers leads the way for companies who need a flexible, knowledgeable, quality certified partner in contract packaging. Let us help you from start to finish or jump in when the pressure is on.


Registrations, Certifications and Permits

Versatile offers a clean, efficient, FDA-registered and EPA-certified assembly and production environment that operates under the highest quality controls. We are also certified as a Medical Device Establishment and hold a State Bonded Warehouse permit for storage of alcohol.


A Well-Trained, Scalable Workforce to Meet Your Project Needs

Versatile can quickly scale up or down our workforce to finish jobs on time, on budget.


Embed Opportunities

Versatile Packagers partners with highly automated manufacturing companies and third party logistics providers to offer onsite contract packaging embeds. We hire the workforce, provide quality assurance and get the job done — while you focus on something else.


Location, Location, Location

Versatile Packagers is located in Tampa, Florida, with partner companies South Atlantic Packaging in North Carolina and ProStar Packaging in Pennsylvania. Our companies are strategically located to connect with major highway, rail and airport systems for faster, cost-efficient transportation. We can also embed to make logistics a snap.


We're Flexible

What works for one project might not be the right solution for another. We attribute part of our success to being flexible. Need us to rework 100,000 packages? No problem. Need us to assemble 30,000 kits in a short period of time? Let’s get started. We’re problem solvers. And we’d love to help you.


Nice People

Well, it matters. Our leadership has a vast amount of experience in contract packaging, leading teams, logistics, quality control and working with high-tech machinery. And they’re also good folks.

Let's Get Started

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