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Overwrapping is a popular packaging process that encloses a single product or multiple products with a protective layer. One prominent form of overwrapping is fin sealing. Also known as flow wrapping, vertical pouch packaging or horizontal pouch, fin seal is a high-speed packaging process that consists of loosely containing items in secure packaging.

Fin sealing is a favored packaging trend and for good reason. Here are 3 benefits to giving fin seal packaging a try for yourself.

Quick and efficient packaging


Fin seal offers a high-speed, quantity process of packaging. Often used for items such as food items, CDs/DVDs, and loos

e print collateral like coupons or flyers, fin seal packaging enables you to quickly and efficiently package a large volume of items. This is an ideal solution for packaging thousands, maybe even millions, of products quickly.

Overwrapping may be quick and efficient but it’s also economical. Overwrapping offers a more cost-effective means of packaging and is a great way to condense small prepackaged items such as candy and loose individual items.

Safe and secure packaging

Not only is fin seal packaging quick, efficient and cost-effective, it’s also safe and secure. The fin seal horizontal pouch is tamper-resistant, greatly reducing the changes of product interference. ensuring your product arrives to its destination in one piece.

Versatile packaging capabilities

Another benefit of fin seal packaging is its high level of versatility. You can tailor your overwrapping solution to fit your exact packaging needs. Overwrapping and fin seal machinery are designed to quickly and accurately accommodate frequent and wide-ranging product and packaging size changeovers to meet all of your specifications.

Fin seal packaging comes in a variety of different looks and feels from clear, opaque, full color or printed. It also can be sealed with or without a hand hole at the top of package which will allow for displaying on peg hooks, clip strips, or other various hanging options.

There’s not much this packaging option cannot do. The best way to check-out overwrapping and fin sealing for yourself is through a contract packager. Versatile Packagers specializes in overwrapping and can overwrap a broad variety of products and materials. If you are curious about whether or not your product can be overwrapped, please contact Versatile Packagers today to discuss your packaging needs.