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The work challenged our agility: to get the job done required us to get 300 team members in a new facility working at full capacity within a week. We did it, thanks to the dedication of team members who worked in shifts 24/7, so that thousands of American families digging out in the aftermath of the storms could have food to eat.

This June, as we enter another hurricane season, we hope our help is not needed. But if it is, the teams at South Atlantic, Versatile and ProStar are even better positioned to help with disaster relief – whether it’s packaging meals for US storm relief, water filtration kits for Ukraine or other urgently needed supplies across the country and around the world. We now have state-of-the art, enterprise facilities in the Northeast, Southeast, Gulf Coast, Midwest and soon Dallas.  We hope the 2022 storm season is quiet. But we are ready and willing to do our part if disaster strikes again.