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There’s no such thing as an attractive, eco-friendly, cost effective product package right? Wrong! Not only is blister packaging an affordable packaging solution to more costly options, it also provides multiple benefits to please the merchant and the consumer.

As the merchant, you want your product to be attractive to the consumer, but also secure from theft and damage. However, other forms of packaging allow one or the other – providing either great visual display and poor security features or poor product visibility and substantial protection. But, why should you have to choose? You need a package that both markets your product and keeps it safe.

Now, with blister packaging, there is a solution to your problem! This type of package delivers multiple benefits. It allows increased protection from moisture, gas, and theft, while also providing direct product visibility for the satisfaction of your customer. Its wallet-friendly advantage, due to its easy, high volume manufacturing and decreased production costs, pairs with its eco-friendly edge to make it a suitable choice. Since there is less waste in production, we are able to reduce the amount of materials utilized. This not only benefits the environment, but also promotes your company’s environmentally – friendly credibility.

Blister packaging combines a sturdy plastic shell with an attractive backing to provide your customer with an all around positive buying experience. The plastic casing provides product security and visibility, while the backing, which is adhered to the casing, displays your package design to provide a visually stimulating display.

Do you want to decrease your packaging costs, improve your product marketability, and boost your company’s eco-friendly reputation? Blister packaging offers optimal product visibility and security at the simultaneously – providing a solution to the dilemma of traditional packaging. Contact Versatile Packagers for more information on how your company can get started with blister packaging.