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From party supplies to shoes and clothing to even food and beverage. You can purchase just about anything and everything on Amazon. According to 2018 statistics, Amazon has 310 million active customers and sells more than 12 million products, not including books, media, wine and service. That’s a lot of customer demand, a lot of products and a lot of packaging.

Here at Versatile Packagers, we specialize in Amazon packaging. We’re the experienced experts in saving you time and money while packaging and prepping your products for Amazon shipping.

To get your products Amazon-ready, we take packaging steps such as:

  • Providing a variety of packaging options from single product packaging to double product packaging to triple product packaging.
  • Offering shrink wrapping for two-pack bottles. Shipping multiple packs is a profitable money saver – the minimum shipping with UPS for one bottle is the same as a two or three pack.
  • Shrink wrapping single bottles for UPS and FedEx as an extra precaution to prevent leakage.
  • Consolidating online shopping carts and placing an order once a week to save you valuable shipping costs.
  • Creating new SKU codes and covering up original barcodes with new, Amazon-ready barcodes.
  • Shipping products directly to Amazon. In certain situations, we can even ship your products straight Amazon, just leave it to us!
  • Shipping all across the country. From our vast Versatile Packagers warehouse, we can ship full truckloads for products all across the country.

We’re currently hard at work providing various Amazon-related packaging services for numerous customers. Won’t you join the Versatile Packagers family and let us take care of your Amazon packaging and shipping needs as well?

From knowledgeable experts to a fully-equipped warehouse space, there are many reasons to contact Versatile Packagers for your Amazon-related packaging needs. Contact us today at PackIt@PackVp.com!