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Here at Versatile Packagers, we have the privilege to work with many interesting and talented organizations. In our new mini-series, titled “Partner Profile”, we will highlight some of our third-party fulfillment work with select partners. This month, we will be focusing on our relationship with Sawyer Products.

Sawyer Products is a producer of effective and reliable products for outdoor protection, such as water filtration products, insect repellent, sunblock and more. Versatile Packagers and Sawyer Products have been working together since 2001. The relationship began when Sawyer Products was searching for a flexible and reliable labor force to meet the high demand for its products. Versatile Packagers proved we were a perfect fit for the job when we began assisting Sawyer Products in the assemble of its first aid kits under the Ozark brand.

One of Sawyer’s most well-known products is its water filtration system. Sawyer Products developed a point-of-use water filter that filters contaminated water to levels cleaner than most bottled water. Versatile Packagers plays a role in the packaging of the water filtration systems along with numerous other Sawyer products.

When it comes to picking a favorite product to package, however, Versatile Packagers’ CEO Rick Shave says there are no favorites. “All of the products we do for Sawyer are fun because they are truly a customer focused company and give so much back to those in need.”

Versatile Packagers and Sawyer Products have had a great working relationship for many years, and Shave only sees it getting better from here. “Sawyer is great to work with because they view their respective vendors as members of their team and not just outside companies.  They are very flexible and goal oriented and work with us in making sure that the customer is happy.” We cannot wait to see what we are able to accomplish with Sawyer Products in the future!

To learn more about Sawyer Products, check them out at: https://sawyer.com