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Have you ever walked through a grocery store or convenience store and noticed that not every product in the store has been placed on a shelf? Some products are located within special displays to quickly grasp your attention.

These types of displays are called Point of Purchase displays (POP displays) and are also referred to as kiosks, end caps, and point of sale displays. They exist to help call attention to new products, highlight product premiums, help drive impulse purchases and showcase limited time offers or seasonal items.

POP displays can be manufactured and designed in any shape, size or material, although they’re often made from cardboard, foam-board and other inexpensive materials since they are intended to be disposable and replaceable.

If you are a consumer products company or retailer, it is recommended to make full use of color and printing to make the POP display visually appealing to the consumer. The more eye-catching it is, the more likely the consumer is to stop and check it out.

Are you a consumer products company in need of a POP display? Versatile Packagers can help – we offer high quality displays and custom assemblies that are manufactured and distributed within a timely manner.

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