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In last month’s newsletter, we talked about the supply chain issues that everyone is facing and how that requires resiliency.  This month, we are focusing on how we have responded with the first ingredient to maximize resiliency – sizable investments in our capabilities.  And next month we will talk about the second ingredient to resiliency – the entrepreneurial mindset.

How We Are Adding To Our Capabilities As An Enterprise Vendor

  • Establishing a brand-new facility in Indianapolis, providing balance to our east-coast footprint that now includes 4 strategic locations
  • Proactively adding real estate capacity in Winston-Salem, NC and Tampa and relocating our ProStar operation to a newer, larger facility in Pennsylvania that has better access to labor
  • Advance purchasing bundling, labeling, gluing, wrapping and blistering equipment, and pre-positioning assets in strategic locations so we’re ready to deploy
  • Standardizing best-in-class processes, systems and equipment across facilities so we are prepared to provide a customer consistent delivery across multiple facilities
  • Investing in SQF certifications so our customers can have total confidence that we maintain the utmost in quality standards across our organization