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Your product is valuable. Not only to you, but also to your consumers. That is why secure packaging is such an important aspect of your distribution process. But what type of secure packaging does your product need?

Well, after entering the realm of secure packaging, you will find that their are many available solutions. Choosing the right type of packaging could be the difference between a return on your investment and an unhappy—and unwilling to purchase—consumer.

If you are looking to prevent tampering, the top four types of secure packaging that we recommend at Versatile Packers are:
1. Neck or shrink bands- These are the generally plastic coverings often found securing bottle or jar tops.
2. Shrink wrapping- When using the shrink wrapping technique the entire product is covered, protecting and preventing any external damage.
3. Wafer seals- Wafer seals are used on the edges of cartons to secure the package and prevent manipulation.
4. Printed security tape- This is often used on boxed items as a security measure.

However, though the above packaging methods are effective at preventing tampering, they are not necessarily the most secure types of packaging. The top three most secure packaging solutions include:
1. Blister packs- This type of packaging is often seen in commercial distribution and includes a plastic covering offer secured with a harder material for backing.
2. Trap blister packs- The most environmentally conscious of the three options, this utilizes the same concept as the blister pack, using two pieces of cardboard as the backing, rather than all plastic.
3. Clam shells- These are the hard plastic packages that often snap together, allowing the consumer to “pop” open the packaging upon purchase.

Those most products can benefit from the types of secure packaging that we have discussed, not all products are candidates for these methods of packaging. Contributing factors often include overall price, as these forms of packaging are generally more expensive, size and weight restrictions.

If you are looking to have your product protected and secured, but still easy to access for the consumer, look no further. Call Versatile Packagers today for more information.