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Versatile Packagers’ Executive Directors Bob Vande Weghe and Rick Shave talk packaging with Ellen McAlister and Kelley Higney, executive leaders from The Bug Bite Thing

As a super success story of ABC-TV’s Shark Tank, The Bug Bite Thing Founder and CEO Kelley Higney is often called upon by the Sharks to advise other entrepreneurs. Along the way, she has garnered a huge following on social media by sharing the lessons she’s learned in growing the business to a national leader.

One of her recent social media posts focuses on strategic co-packaging and features our own Versatile Packagers’ Bob Vande Weghe and Rick Shave. We’ve had the privilege of working with Kelley and her team to create and consistently co-pack a solution that showcases their unique product in the most cost-efficient way and to meet the inevitable boom of demand following their national spotlight.

Check out the video to see what you can learn from Kelley.