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The word “fulfillment” can mean different things to different people, including contract packaging or kitting. We like to think of fulfillment as that feeling of happiness and satisfaction for the completion of something, like the fulfillment of a promise. We work hard to ensure that we are fulfilling promises to our customers every day.

Last month, our customer, Bug Bite Thing, discussed how to get your product retail-ready with members of our leadership team. This month, we want to look at 3 fulfillment factors that Bug Bite Thing – and all growing CPG companies – should consider when there are lots of different SKUs in the mix.


Bug Bite Thing now has 72 separate SKUs – and growing. That makes for a gigantic task of order fulfillment for millions of units a year. As a customer with a rapidly expanding product line, they rely on their co-packing partner to manage that fulfillment quickly—and to make sure the right SKUs are going to the right retailers.

Authenticity and Security

In a world rife with knockoffs, CPGs and big box retailers use store-specific labels for security and authenticity, namely Transparency and RFID labels, to ensure the retailer is receiving and the consumer is buying the authentic product. That’s important for all of our customers, and managing those retailer-specific labels is a priority for our co-packing teams.


When order fulfillment for big box stores explodes 72 SKUs to hundreds, CPGs can wonder where to turn for quick help. It’s important to find an agile co-packing partner that can scale up and get the details right. Having the right inventory system (in our case, Nulogy) for track and trace helps everyone have a comfort level as to where and how things are being shipped and used. Florida-based Bug Bite Thing turned to Versatile Packagers for solutions prior to being featured on the nationally televised Shark Tank investment show in 2019.  Before, during and after the Shark Tank success, Versatile has been a true co-packing partner for the company, helping design packaging, labels and the fulfillment process required to move millions of units of authentic product to retail shelves and into consumers’ hands.

“We have been honored to be there since the start. We have helped them grow. And now they are winning the market,” said Bob Vande Weghe, Executive Director of Versatile.

If you missed Bug Bite’s video last month, click here to watch it now!