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From projects big to small, contract packaging can handle it all.

Virtually every business in every industry uses contract packaging in one way or another. Businesses can take advantage of contract packaging for a variety of things, from simple packaging to more complex packaging to the packaging of small products to the packaging of oversized products. If it needs packaging, a contract packager can help.

But contract packagers are more than a simple packaging solution. Contract packaging companies, such as Versatile Packagers, offer a wide selection of packaging and fulfillment solutions to meet even the most complex industry needs. Contract packaging services often include:

  • High Speed Blister & Clamshell Packaging
  • High Speed Shrink Wrapping
  • High Speed Overwrapping/Fin Sealing (HFFS)
  • Hand Assembly
  • Point of Purchase Displays (POP Displays)
  • Poly Bagging
  • Club Store Packaging

While businesses and organizations use it for many different things, the reason why they choose contract packaging remains the same: flexibility and cost efficiency.

Flexibility to package any range of jobs, from large and small

Contract packaging allows businesses the power and the control to run all jobs, regardless of size or complexity.

Contract packagers, such as Versatile Packagers, use a series of automated machinery, conveyor systems and laborers to provide all sorts of packaging options, including those for specialty and seasonal jobs. This allows for almost unlimited package potential in terms of volume and creativity. It allows for businesses to meet the changing and unpredictable nature of consumer trends.

Optimization for increased plant efficiencies at lower costs to you

Another major of benefit of contract packaging is that it allows companies to save money while simultaneously expanding their production. A well-equipped contract packager, such as Versatile Packagers, already has the production facilities, trained staff, packaging equipment and materials to grow your products and packaging without you needing to invest capital in the space, equipment or employees.

With contract packaging, you have the ability to utilize the contract company and its packaging resources only when you need them and without having to pay to maintain the facilities and or staff yourself. This reduces and even eliminates some costs.

With little investment, you’re now free to expand your creativity. You can now take more risks when it comes to developing packaging for those products you don’t quite have the facilities or know-how to create on your own.

The decision to work with a contract packager is a good one for any business, regardless of industry. Everyone could use a little more flexibility and more savings.

If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of contract packaging for yourself, it’s time to call the experts at Versatile Packagers. In addition to the comprehensive contract packaging solutions listed above, Versatile Packagers also utilizes an extensive warehouse space, perfect for product storage fulfillment and distribution.