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Versatile Packagers partners with food service providers to help provide some much-needed disaster relief following some of the world’s hardest hitting natural disasters.

Versatile Packagers has worked together seamlessly with GA Foods for many years to help provide disaster victims and rescue workers with life-saving FEMA meal kits.

Versatile Packagers plays an important role in quickly getting the emergency meal kits packed and ready to go. Employees line up assembly line style to efficiently hand-assemble each meal pack, which are then shipped out to Airforce bases and other designated disaster relief stations to be picked up and delivered to their final destination.

Versatile Packagers is making a difference after the devastating effects of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma through these emergency meal kits. The tailor-made kits contain shelf-stable meal items such as ravioli, single serve cereal, non-perishable milk, cookies, breakfast bars and more. Each kit contains over 20 food items and provides enough food for three separate meals.

Versatile Packagers has assembled over 80,000 meal kits in less than two weeks for Hurricane Harvey and several more for other the relief efforts.

But this isn’t the only time Versatile Packagers has helped out with disaster relief. Versatile Packagers has worked with food service providers to provide FEMA meal packs following natural disasters for more than 10 years.

Versatile Packagers helped provide over 30,000 meals kits for victims of Hurricane Sandy (2012), over 1600,00 meals for victims of Hurricane Ike (2008) and over 780,000 meals for Hurricanes Dennis, Rita, Wilma and Katrina (2005).

When disasters strike, the last thing victims and rescue workers need to worry about is where their next meal is coming from. Versatile Packagers works with food service providers to quickly assemble and distribute vast amounts of FEMA meals kits so that hunger is just one less worry.

You can learn more about GA Foods’s role with the FEMA meal kits at: http://www.sunmeadow.com/what-we-offer/emergency-services/