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With today’s increased security risks, Versatile Packagers, a Tampa-based contract packaging provider, has witnessed a surge in the need for more durable and tamper-proof packaging options, such as blister packaging.

Blister packaging is an inexpensive yet durable method for securing your items and products.

While some may be unfamiliar with the term “blister packaging,” you likely encounter products encased in this type of casing every time you shop.

“Blister packaging” refers to a form of packaging requiring the process of thermoforming, which involves the heating of sheets of plastic to a temperature at which it can easily be molded into any desired shape, often with a pocket of thermoformed plastic covering the product.

There are several types of blister packaging, including:

Face Seal Blister

It’s the process in which the thermoformed blister is heat sealed to the front of the blister card. This is the most economical type of blister packaging. It can be done with or without a foot assuming that the product is deep enough. This type of blister can also have a little plastic add to the top to help support the hang hole. This would only apply if the product is conclusive to the design and size of a product.

Full Face Blister

Similar to the face seal, this blister extends to the entire face of the card. This offers more durability and strength to the edges of the card, prevents bent corners and reinforces the hang hole as well. It offers a higher perceived look and value as it looks nice and adds a little shine the overall look of the blister card.

Mock Clamshell Blister

A mock clamshell is very similar to a full facer blister except that there is a small lip that extends past where the blister card ends and then wraps around the back of the card. This would be the closest thing to a clamshell at half the price.

Trapped Blister

This type of blister packaging is very similar to face seal blistering; however, it requires two blister cards instead and one and the top

card has a die-cut hole in the shape of the product cut out. The card is then placed over the blister, trapping the blister in-between the two cards. This can be done with or without heat to seal, reducing expensive tooling required in a heat seal operation. However, if tooling is not bought and heat is not used, production speeds go down, reducing output and increasing labor cost. This type of packaging is used frequently for high-end packaging and security as it makes it harder for someone to tamper with packaging. This is a preferred type of packaging for retailers due to its security feature and that fact that it is easier to get into and less expensive than clamshell type packaging.

As a major provider of co-packaging solutions, Versatile Packagers specializes in all of the various types of blister packaging, with affordable solutions in entry-level quantiles to large runs using high-speed, fully automated machines.

Clamshell Packaging

Along with blister packaging, Versatile Packagers offers various solutions in clamshell packaging. Clamshell packaging is similar to blister with the difference that it encases your product for a more secure and sealed-off display. This type of packaging is the most expensive type of packaging involving the thermoforming process.

A clamshell is a container with two halves, hinged together to open and close, not unlike that of a clam. This packaging option is very strong, an ideal option for heavy products. Clamshells can be sealed tightly with heat, radio frequency or UV light or closed by a snap-shut button. There are two variations of clamshell packaging:

  • Two-Piece Clamshell – A common variation of clamshell packaging, this pack is a combination of a mock clamshell with the addition of a flat plastic backing glued to the blister pocket.
  • Tri-Fold Clamshell – Used primarily for heavier objected, the tri-fold clamshell has two hinges that create a wide triangular bottom when folded together to provide a solid and steady basis for even the most unsteady products.

At Versatile Packagers, we can help assist you with the design of your blister or clamshell packaging to best meet the needs that you require and or your customer’s needs.

Both packaging options prevent damage and tampering. They also allow a better presentation of your product due to the clear transparency surrounding your product. The protective covering serves as a temporary containment until your product has reached your customer’s home.

At Versatile Packagers, we offer a wide variety of packaging solutions. Regardless of the product’s size, shape or weight, our blister, and clamshell packaging options will ensure your products are secured with the most appropriate type of clamshell or blister packaging materials.

If you are curious about blister packaging and other packaging solutions, give the experts at Versatile Packagers a call.