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  1. Influencer marketing is surging. We’ve seen one of our customer’s product demand go up 350% overnight due to an influencer promotion, and some estimates call for influencer marketing to grow at a staggering 33% annually for the next few years.

  1. Competitor issues seem to be increasing. Remember having trouble finding peanut butter in summer of 2023, or cleaning supplies last fall? Issues with a competitor’s product, supply chain or overall ability to execute can lead to an outage on their end and overnight flood of demand for your product.

  1. Omni-channel growth means inventory gets spread across multiple channels, and with retailers shifting back from “just in case” to “just in time” in 2023, the margin for error has evaporated.

  1. Consumer behavior can shift overnight. With new product launches coming faster and faster, one can have difficulty predicting how consumers will react. Couple that with demand triggers, such as a significant weather event or a seasonal surge, and one can undergo massive shifts.