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Founded by Benjamin E. Shave, Versatile Packagers is a family-owned and run operation headquartered in Tampa, FL. Its mission is to provide a wide array of unsurpassed packaging solutions, including contract packaging.

But why would you need the services of a contract packager? You should talk to Versatile Packagers for contract packaging services because…

  • Versatile Packagers offers the ability to meet the needs of companies and organizations looking to bring products into the U.S.
  • We can help you navigate new tariffs by assembling your products inside the U.S. while globally sourcing the components. We also offer individualized solutions and specialized assembly.
  • With Versatile Packagers, no need to worry about the stress of carrying excess inventory that comes along with assembling your products overseas.
  • With Florida’s growing number of ports handling more freight than ever, Versatile Packagers is in the perfect location to ship your products. And with the expansion of the Panama Canal to allow modern cargo needs, your port and freight costs and fees will be lower than ever.
  • Florida has the second-lowest state taxes per capita and is one of only seven states without a personal income tax – resulting in more labor availability with Versatile Packagers to meet your contract packaging needs.
  • Shipping from Florida is more affordable than most states as it is primarily a service state meaning more product and trucks are coming in to Florida than are going out. This creates a surplus of trucks trying to find loads so freight is cheaper here than out of some of the larger hubs. (See chart below, courtesy of Versatile Packagers)
  • Your packaging volume can become overwhelming, overworking your packaging lines, either short or long term – contract packagers can help alleviate that strain.
  • Contract packagers, such as Versatile Packagers, are experts in new packaging forms, often unfamiliar to your staff and requiring specific packaging equipment.
  • Automation is not always an option when it comes to assembling your products, but for those instances, Versatile Packagers offers low-cost hand assembly solutions.
  • As part of our process, Versatile Packagers ensures all products we package or assemble meet the highest Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards, ensuring the highest quality of package and assembly of your products.
  • Contract packagers, such as Versatile Packagers, possess the warehouse space and the technology for specialized packaging and assembly that most companies may not be prepared for.

From cheaper freight costs to specialized equipment and plentiful warehouse space, there are many reasons to contact Versatile Packagers for your contract packaging needs. Contact us today at PackIt@PackVp.com!