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From groceries to clothing to books and toys to furniture and electronics, you can buy almost anything at big club stores. Not only do club stores offer a wide range of items, they do so at comparatively low prices. One way they do so is through their specially designed packaging.

Club stores are different from the more conventional retail stores. They often occupy huge spaces to house large supplies of economical products in bulk. It’s a different purchase environment with a membership required to enter, wider aisle and larger carts. However, the biggest reason consumers flock to big club stores (outside of the free appetizers) is because of the lower prices.

These larger club stores are able to cut costs by removing excesses, from removing excess packaging material to reducing the waste and handling cost.

With less excess packaging material, waste and handling costs, club stores are able to offer lower prices. With decrease packaging material, product layout becomes strategic, varying on whether the product is displayed in the front of the store, middle or back.

In warehouse club stores, displays and packaging are often presented differently than in other types of retail environments. For example, Sam’s Club and Costco maintain specific requirements for in-store displays and packaging.

Contract packaging guidelines for club stores are more rigid than for your average retail store. However, major players in the club store market, such as Versatile Packagers, are knowledgeable of and even specialize in club store packaging regulations. Versatile Packagers are experienced in all forms of contract packaging, including club store packaging, and offer tailored solutions to fit the particular needs of club stores.

Common types of club store packaging options include blister or clamshell packaging, bundle wrapping and shrink wrapping, all specialties of Versatile Packagers.

At Versatile Packagers, we offer a wide variety of packaging solutions. Regardless of the product’s size, shape or weight, our blister, and clamshell packaging options, will ensure your products are secured with the most appropriate type of clamshell or blister packaging materials.

If you are curious about blister packaging and other club store packaging solutions, give the experts at Versatile Packagers a call.